Jean Paul Piffaut

I will tell you about my experience in the fascinating world of searching for water and drilling deep wells. 

My first experience in fetching water was at about age 9 when my father taught me to fetch it with a simple wooden rod. I will never forget the feeling of experiencing for the first time that there are forces or rather energies in the environment that we cannot see. But to believe you have to see or in this case feel.

If it is your first time in dowsing I hope from my heart that you can feel it. At the same time I invite you to follow this course as a family and that everyone can experience this fascinating invisible world.

With more than forty years I have searched for water in countless places and with different results I would say 97% positive and some extraordinary, but I also had negative cases and thanks to these over time I developed my own technique in the search for water. Through trial and error. This technique consists of detecting the electromagnetic frequencies that occur in the presence of underground aquifers, for this I will teach you how to use two tools that will help you detect aquifers both in the field and at a distance and also how to manufacture them. In addition, I will share some tables that will help you in the detection of depths and flows. I must mention that statistically 2 out of 10 people cannot feel the energies the first time, I will also teach you how to increase your sensitivity.

Over the years looking for water and at the same time drilling, I have used two tools which I will teach you how to use and how to make them. It is important to note that one person may have more affinity for one tool than another. The tools I use are: the wooden rod and the copper rods. I have also used a pendulum, rods of different metals, from the factory, scientific instruments, etc… There are many more tools that I have seen used in the search for water, but these two are better for me. Since they have given me the best results and are by far the most reliable, easy to use and manufacture. Over the years looking for water on a daily basis, I developed the ability to sense groundwater without the need for any tools, but this is not necessary for you to learn as this was due to my obsession with water and how important it is to have the best result in my deep well drilling work.


Groundwater search